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Mike Deutsch

Mike Deutsch

Entomologist/Industrial Hygienist, Arrow Exterminating

Mike Deutsch has been in the structural pest management industry for more than 40 years. He attended SUNY at Farmingdale where he studied under Dr. Austin Frishman and received his AAS degree in Biological Research and Pest Management. Upon graduation, he took a position with Arrow Exterminating Company, where he provided pest management services to residential, commercial and institutional clients. Committed to lifelong learning, Deutsch, returned to school and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Chemistry from Long Island University. After graduation, he took a position with the Nassau County Department of Health in the division of Environmental Health. Following his time at the health department, Deutsch took a position as a technical representative and entomologist for a regional pesticide and pest control equipment distributor. His responsibilities included inspecting food processing plants, identifying and diagnosing insect and rodent pest issues, and creating pest management protocols to address these issues. A Board Certified Entomologist, Deutsch attended the CUNY at Hunter College where he received his Master of Science degree in Health Science (Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety). He is currently technical director for Arrow Exterminating Company, Inc. Lynbrook, N.Y. Deutsch has co-authored and published two peer-reviewed scientific papers concerning the behavior of wild Norway rats. He is currently working on a third research project.


Lessons from a Lifetime of Rodent Control & Trends in Urban Rat Ecology

December 4 @ 2:40 PM